Of course, they'll need time to settle in. I think that kids are incredibly perceptive to differences, but they haven’t yet learned socially acceptable ways to deal with differences. Teach children that friends make mistakes • Young children change their friends often, depending on what happens each day. Like many teachers, the high school students who run Spectrum Robotics have made major changes to their courses for students with autism. It’s easy and understandable to show concern if your child is not displaying the traits that will help him or her socially in kindergarten. Social skills and having friends not only make our children feel good, but are also important for school success. But that's precisely why parents and teachers can be helpful. It’s easy to imagine that having friends just happens naturally, and for some kids it does, but most kids can use a little help and guidance around how to make friends, share with them, and cooperate. Too much time can result in problems and your child might not want to play with that child again. An important part of social skills is making friends. These periods may last for a day or for a few weeks. Tips for teaching kids on how to make friends. This worksheet focuses on friendships and doing the right thing. As noted above, there is not a one size fits all when it comes to adjusting socially to kindergarten. It does not mean your child will fail socially if he or she does not have these traits. Use tools your child already loves -- music, art, and stories -- to draw him in and make abstract concepts real. Jun 14, 2011 - Help children make friends by teaching them the skills to make and keep them. Children will check each other out from afar and then jump in with two feet — only to turn around and repeat the sequence with another child. These traits include a willingness to take turns, empathy, asking for help in a calm way, ability to express feelings, and a sense of responsibility. They need opportunities to work on curriculum-related independent studies in groups of twos and threes. Look out for a confirmation email from us.

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