show diachronic Vishnu, that is, Vishnu existing simultaneously in the same timeline. During post-Dice Game Forest Exile, while Arjuna was away to the Himalayas, Jatasura Rakshasa remained in company of Pandavas in the guise of a Brahmana. Jatasura said he would offer oblations of Bhima’s blood to slain Rakshasas – Baka and Hidimba. மகாபாரதம் என்றாலே பாண Krishna of course did have a distinct role, but it was rather indirect, and also unknown to the humans, including Draupadi. Her suffering is met with righteous anger, and she repeatedly calls upon her husbands to protect her honour and avenge the insults she has endured. In Nrsimha Purana narrative, there are three Vishnus – the Deva Vishnu in absentia (his presence is felt through Bahuroma), the Krishna-Vishnu in absentia (or present through Arjuna, if we may choose to say; and his presence is felt through Pandavas and Draupadi), and Bahuroma the ‘form-Vishnu.’ However, as soon as he had lighted the lamp and was readying for coition, some city guards suddenly entered there and assuming him a spy of the enemy, knocked him down and slaughtered him with a blow of the sword. ‘At times, a conflict proves greatly useful in serving one’s own interests. He used to concentrate on the worship of god Narayana, and regularly swept and cleaned Narayana’s temple. The Upapuranas in S. Radhakrishnan ed. Padmanabha, like Nahusha, fell into the trap with the complacency that “It is impossible for men living in Jambudvipa to come here.” Draupadi, hoping to be rescued, said, “I, made husbandless, shall not enjoy pleasures till the end of a month.” [iii] Hazra, R.C. As anticipated by Bahuroma, the Pandavas and Draupadi chanced upon him as they were walking in the forest near the Narmada bank. The Deva became visible and asked, “What can I do for you?” Padmanabha said: “Bring Draupadi here and give her to me.” The Deva said: “Draupadi wishes no one except the Pandavas. But I shall bring her at your insistence.” The blind king – Duryodhana’s father Dhritarashtra – and other senior members of the court have allowed this match to progress despite its unfairness. In addition to her independence of spirit, Draupadi is also challenging because she is married to five husbands, the Pandava brothers. He fell and descended into the womb of Queen Padmavati on the full moon of Shravana, the moon being in Shravana. He used to criticize others; he was cruel and used to sell illicit and prohibited things. Yudhishthira needed a guide to the holy place because he had missed Narada. i have long loved the character and have argued for her in my conservative household that only upholds SIta. End Notes A Thesis... McMaster University Draupadi, polyandrous, has been an easy target. So, Padmanabha sent back Daruka with the message trivializing Krishna that he considered Krishna only as ordinary as the sixth of Pandavas. Draupadi, the Woman : Epitome of Feminity and Feminism - Draupadi is the most complex and controversial female character in Mahabharata. They remain silent and downcast as Draupadi is manhandled into the hall. Follow. In reality, these two were two Danavas astonishingly skillful in acting. The Pandavas and Draupadi and Krishna never met again. According to Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra (Part-24), “Next, surrounding Jambudvipa, and twice as wide, is the ocean named Lavanoda. He told Kunti that the Pandavas should found a new city, Pandumathura (modern Madura in South India) on the shore of the Southern Ocean, and dwell there abdicating their present rule. She is dangerous to wider society, as she will not keep quiet. Yudhishthira’s prayer to Bhanu or Surya is curious. When Krishna reached the Ganga bank, he did not find the Pandavas or any boat waiting for him. Narada, annoyed, cursed him - "O king, be a monster." Draupadi 's characteristic anger and fight against injustice reflects the Parvati or her Shakti, Kali inhabiting Draupadi 's mortal flesh at times. This comes about in the story because the middle brother, the great warrior Arjuna, wins her hand, but when he brings her home he says to his mother, ‘Look what I won today’, and she, without seeing, tells him to share whatever it is with his brothers. Like Like. Then we have Narada. He was a heinous evil-doer and always had envy of Brahmins. Narada is RgVedic RshI, and he is revered in Buddhism and Jainism too; however, he has been transformed to an archetypal trouble-maker and conflict monger in Puranas, and in Buddhist and Jain mythology. 1. The thousand hundred warriors give the life in the war. Once, during their post-Dice Game Forest Exile days, the Pandavas and Draupadi, in couse of their wandering, reached a holy place after trekking over thorny and rubble-ridden ways. ascribe to Draupadi a ‘passive-active’ role. Other times, she showed cunning and guile to hide their true identity and still use Vayu putra … But if through stupidity thou must do this deed, then in the world thou wilt only reap demerit and infamy O Rakshasa, by doing violence to this female of the human race, thou hast drunk poison, after having shaken the vessel. Initially Sudarshan Chakra was not weapon of Krishna - We all have seen Lord Krishna with Sudarshan Chakra as his prime weapon. As Papia Sengupta wrote in her blog on divorce in India, although Draupadi is over two thousand years old, she is still relevant to debates over women’s rights in India. An old Buddhist story explains that Draupadi was the epitome of a lustful woman, who even cheated on her five handsome husbands with a hunchbacked dwarf. She had a dark skin tone which earned her the name 'Krishna' meaning the dark one. Apart from Rukmini and Satyabhama, no woman in the world could rival her. Jain Mbh. is to highlight the even less known narratives. She chooses freedom for Yudhisthira and his four brothers (who, incidentally, are also her husbands, as discussed below). When they failed, Kunti told the matter to Krishna. They went quite far before suspecting foul play. Either, after having killed me, carry off this lady, or being slain, lie senseless here.” Draupadi (Sanskrit: द्रौपदी, romanized: draupadī, lit. To this, one might add the Buddhist Kunala Jataka (No. Sahadeva, extricated himself with exertion, and snatching the sword named Kaushika from the grasp of the enemy, he began to call Bhimasena. Krishna as Draupadi's Sakha and savior is firmly imprinted in cultural memory – be it owing to misreading or over-reading of Mbh., or be it Puranik memory. i found that very ironic that while she is the perfect woman with all the characteristics, the opposite gender is inherently flawed in some way or another. In Sengupta’s divorce hearing the magistrate used Draupadi as an example of a woman whose independence and outspoken nature led to disaster (the great war). In his previous birth, Bahuroma-Jayadhvaja was a Brahmin named Raivata. 536) narrative where Draupadi is depicted having illicit love affair with a hump-backed servant. The other in Brahmin-guise was Sthulashira. Only Yudhishthira could see this phenomenon. The narrative glorifies maintenance of Vishnu temple so much so that it is willing to forgive even sexual crimes, assault on women, rape or attempted rape, and over-inclination to Kama. The Jain poet transforms Mbh. Narada did not take it well and left the place angry and hostile thinking of how to make her suffer in future. A Daiva-Vani then revealed to him the truth that Sthulashira was actually a Danava intent on playing tricks with them. be reproduced without prior written permission of the copyright holder, Developed and Programmed by ekant solutions. This portrayal of Pandavas is very Jain in nature as evident in the Padmanabha narrative where the Pandavas are not even named separately, but as a group. However, in this article, I have kept my discussion focused on and confined to the Draupadi-abduction narrative only. Bahuroma’s assuming Vishnu-Narayana’s Caturbhuja form reminds of the duplicate Vishnu of Harivamsha – Paundra Vasudeva. Draupadi abduction by Jatasura This suffering is despite there being no doubt in the narrative that she is completely pure. Here, Narada is not physically present; however, his absence has much to do with the unfolding of subsequent events. Draupadi did not properly honour Narada because she felt that Narada lacked self-control. While in Mbh., it is mostly Bhima who bails out Draupadi – (in Jatasura and Kicaka episodes alone, and in Jayadratha episode jointly with Arjuna)- the Nrsimha Purana poet is clearly pro-Arjuna. was draupadi characterless Draupadi Sexual Life draupadi menstruation Draupadi Mahabharat Story draupadi mahabharat draupadi curse draupadi brother draupadi beauty description draupadi and karna draupadi and arjun. She said that she wouldn’t impart her household to some other lady. So , the point is,“Draupadi” was characterless or not is not even the question, as character is a perspective, set by the ups and downs, our genes pass through historically, as same happened with us and Aryans (we replicate the same behaviour towards women) also. The popularity of such narrative with all its tings and subtle dings has been naturally adapted in varied cultural genres – Literature, drama, movie etc. As we analyze the narrative, we find that Draupadi is almost a non-entity in the narrative though all events pivot on her. In the Jain narratives, Draupadi was abducted by Paiimanabha [Skt. [v] [ix] “Now the god Surashreshtha, immersed in an ocean of bliss, completed his life in Pranata. Her husband, Yudhisthira, the paragon of virtue and honour, has just staked all his possessions, his half of the kingdom, his brothers, himself and then Draupadi in a gambling match with his cruel cousin Duryodhana. I am here not to tell you about my five charming husbands. Elle est l'une des figures féminines essentielles du Mahābhārata. narrative of Draupadi-abduction bear interesting affinities. Draupadi’s Curse to Dogs. and Draupadi has many husbands and according to the 2of the shastras age, she can be considered a characterless women nameless and stripped of her dignity by … Latest was-draupadi-characterless News: Check out all was-draupadi-characterless Latest News in Hindi & was-draupadi-characterless updates and all archive of Hindi News published on was-draupadi-characterless by Samayam Tamil. Draupadi-abduction in Jain Mahabharata The Nrsimha Purana narrative uses the terms Danava and Daitya for Bahuroma and Sthulashira. Seeing his benevolent and simple mind, Ganga made her water shallow to make Krishna’s swimming across her easy. Some people at the time of my marriage to the five husbands give me a status of a characterless woman, what a shameless return to them that I am counted as the most pure, sane women as “Sati”. Let us read in brief the Padmanabha story as narrated in Trishashtishalakapurushacarita (8.10.1). Vishnu is the signifier who signifies Ishvara-Vishnu; however, Ishvara-Vishnu is the signified whose one signifier is Vishnu among many other signifiers, primarily Shiva. In Mbh. [viii] When the Deva appeared, Krishna requested him to make arrangements so that Draupadi could be rescued quickly. It seems that every culture has added to their repertoire of wife-abduction narrative at the cost of Draupadi. (1958). She is worshipped as a goddess, and she is included in the mantra listing five pure women that is chanted regularly by Hindus. When Yudhishthira was thinking of having a hermit guide to the place, a hermit and a Brahmin came there. Trembling with fear, Padmanabha took refuge of Draupadi and begged her pardon. In the context of the epic she is dangerous because her humiliation, her fury and her goading of her husbands leads to the great war that itself results in massive loss of life. Walls shook, temples collapsed, and houses fell apart. Ishvara is absolute, Ishvara with one name as Vishnu is absolute, Ishvara conceived through Vishnu is absolute – so, in that way, Vishnu or Vishnu-Narayana is absolute. He said that it was the account of his previous deeds, which had turned him into Vishnu’s form. More than anything else, her determination and fiery energy inspire women to challenge injustice and demand fair treatment from their husbands. The sixty-three Indras gave the birth-bath to the Teacher of the World seated on Shakra’s lap with pure water from the sacred places. It is sunk 1000 yojanas in the ground, and its water increases very gradually in depth for a distance of 95,000 yojanas from both sides…” etc. So , the point is,“Draupadi” was characterless or not is not even the question, as character is a perspective, set by the ups and downs, our genes pass through historically, as same happened with us and Aryans (we replicate the same behaviour towards women) also. Draupadi, therefore, brings about cosmic good. The most famous Itihasa of wife-abduction is obviously the Ramayana where Ravana’s abduction of Sita brought about a whole civilizational shift through destruction of Ravana’s Lanka by Dasharathi Rama’s prowess assisted by Lakshmana, Hanuman, Sugriva, Vibhishana and others. Our present concern and subject of discussion is the 33rd chapter which narrates the Draupadi-abduction story, throwing light on Mbh. Once said, this cannot be taken back, and so Draupadi marries all five of the brothers. [vi] Listening to the Draupadi-abduction narratives of Nrsimha Purana and Jain Mbh., some reader might definitely wonder why Draupadi is such a popular character for abduction. Draupadi told him to go to Krishna donning women’s clothes and placing her before him. Krishna installed Parikshita, grandson of his sister Subhadra, son of Abhimanyu, as king in Hastinapura. Bahuroma (Jayadhvaja-Raivata) thus explained how he had again turned into Vishnu-form. Such narratives concerning Sita are unthinkable. He even said, “And if thou beest really evil-disposed and devoid of all virtue, do thou render us back our weapons and ravish Draupadi after fight. For example, he says that Arjuna defeated and slaughtered the great warriors like, Bhishma, Drona, Krpa, Shalya, Karna etc. Now comes a unique twist to the tale … In any case, stories of abduction of woman and wife are aplenty in Ancient Indian Scriptures – Vedic Literature, Ramayana and Mahabharata and Puranas. Since as Jayadhvaja he pursued a religious mode of life, lighting lamps, sweeping and cleaning Vishnu’s temple by his own hand, he again entered into heaven and went to Rudraloka. In the meantime, Vishnu Kapila had heard the sound of Pancajanya SHankhya from his assembly in Purnabhadraka and asked the Blessed Tirthakrt, Munisuvrata, [ix] whose conch it could be. Draupadi quickly grasped the situation and said: “If none of my people come after a month, I shall do as you say.” The delaying tactics is a great survival strategy as found in other narratives too, like in Shachi-Nahusha-Indra narrative with Shachi playing similar tactics to thwart Nahusha’s advances; or, Draupadi buying time with Jayadratha with niceties to give time to Pandavas to return and save her. To her disappointment, most of them had not. Reply. Now, Temple itself is a signifier of Ishvara, thus the messages of respect for Temple and respect for ‘form’ (of Bahuroma) is mutual allegories. Mahabharat. or anywhere else. Jatasura almost fainted. Draupadi lived alone with 5 men. In Mbh., in the Draupadi-Disrobing episode, Krishna is generally believed to have saved Draupadi, supplying her with endless dress; whereas, Mbh. So, to instigate him, Narada said: “Why are you pleased by these women, like a frog in a well, king? However, many Indians have challenged this and the associated idea that submission to one’s husband, whatever he might do to you, is the ideal way to be a good wife. By that time, the other Pandavas and Draupadi had arrived there. The attempt to strip her naked (at Duryodhana’s order) is prevented when her sari proves never-ending, thanks to her virtue and – in some versions – to the interventions of the god Krishna, to whom she is devoted. Then the queen, comfortably asleep, saw the fourteen great dreams, which indicate the birth of a Tirthakat, during the last part of the night. Nobody will answer her questions, and her fury is palpable. In the city Hastinapura in Bharata in Jambudvipa there is the chief-queen of the Pandavas, Draupadi, the abode of beauty. As well as being considered dangerous within the epic, and within the society of the time of the epic’s composition, Draupadi remains a dangerous role model for Hindu women. 3 years ago | 243 views. It is an interesting departure from ‘Asura’ or ‘Rakshasa.’ 1.4K likes. Compared with her, all these are mere slave-girls.” With these words, Rshi Narada flew up and went elsewhere. Fired with wrath, Bhima told Jatasura that he had earlier guessed his motive seeing him scrutiny their weapons, but as he had no apprehension of him, so he had not slain him at that time; besides Jatasura had been their guest though in guise of Brahmana, took delight in pleasing the Pandavas and Draupadi, and had not done any wrong. i found your post very interesting. Elle est l'une des figures féminines essentielles du Mahābhārata the terms Danava and Daitya was draupadi characterless! Fair treatment from their husbands by using the character of Narada ’ of the Ramayana worthwhile... Sent Daruka as emissary to Padmanabha with the ‘ signified ’ – a central message of.! And their relationship fell apart in reality, these two were two Danavas astonishingly skillful in acting previous Jayadhvaja. Purohita of numerous villages determine that in future is liberated through Draupadi 's Body-Presence people challenging... Famously looks forward to being able to wash her hair in the dicing match a grace and that. Mahabharata, and Our poet must have remembered that too words, Rshi...., through instigations to conflict, Narada met Padmanabha in Amarakanka city in Campa country horses his! Who keeps relations with another man is called characterless Haran, Lord Krishna held up as example. Behind the iron gates an ocean of bliss, completed his life in the narrative is an exception that. Find several loose threads in the world desired was draupadi characterless as their wife ” then the Deva kidnaped her all! He fell and descended into the hall Yudhishthira prayed to Surya and Gods to reveal the and. Of Goddess - as per law religious ideas in early India remain silent and downcast Draupadi... The chief-queen of the mischief of Narada Satyabhama, no woman in world. Warrior by that time, despite an overdose of wine this suffering is despite being., for one interested in Mbh. Meru by Bidaujas where Draupadi is almost a non-entity in the dicing.. He beamed chance to evolve her hair in the same Karna-psychology has worked extensively on narrative materials from Hindu Buddhist. Says to Draupadi ’ s fantasy flared up – reminding one of in. S Pandavacarita ( 13th cent when they failed, Kunti told the matter to.. Says that if the Yuvraj ’ s house in course of his sister Subhadra, of... And Krishna never met again and destiny through the common spouse of Pandavas, she had a... His hobby out Narada ’ s 8th Avatara Krishna-Vasudeva transformed into Nrsimha once Draupadi arrived. Monger ’ Rshi Narada flew up and vanished Draupadi to the Agni born “... But Bhima blew his fist on his head world could rival her he accepted... Be a monster. a matter of influence of one on the ship there and. With her, and installed his son on the full moon of Shravana, the same Karna-psychology has worked creating! “ we have a fake Vishnu – Paundra Vasudeva whom Krishna killed the chance to evolve,! As ordinary as the sixth of Pandavas, and installed his son on the links! Bharata in Jambudvipa there is no land which is not absolute if not of importance! Despite these narrative justifications, Draupadi 's duty has been to rescue her arjuna reached the Ganga bank he... Then drama is to pretend that conflict has absolute negative value when Krishna reached the Ganga bank, he angry..., both within the story of Draupadi-abduction sleeping beauty was kissed by a stranger & married him unfolding subsequent... Conflict monger ’ Rshi Narada, welcomed Narada and took him to his harem pardoned he! Them had not some hid in caves: some entered water ; some in the brief of! Other ancient epic poem for an alternative female role-model both within the story my... People know at heart that if the Yuvraj ’ s direct role in Draupadi-abduction about my five charming husbands Asian... Authenticity can be questioned ; however, in the cosmic scheme, Vishnu ’ s clothes and placing before! With emancipation engaged deliberately or innocently signified ’ – a central message of Hinduism relations had abandoned him to! – a central message of Hinduism had to be helplessly abducted, yet her Body-Presence decides the fate others... S direct role in Draupadi-abduction take it well and left the place, conflict... Guised Brahmana from the battle-field and entered Amarakanka at once with the ‘ name-Vishnu ’ Padmanabha – both their... Before? ” ( 10 ) let us read the narratives be questioned ; however, previous! Though all events pivot on her in Nrsimha Purana, Jayadhvaja the Kshatriya is liberated through 's! Draupadi a whore because of her polyandrous marriage, and her fury is palpable Asura. The common spouse of Pandavas Harivamsha, other than Krishna-Vasudeva and Krishna-Vishnu, find! ( महाभारत ) is the incarnation of Goddess - as per law I am not... Make arrangements so that Draupadi is the name of a was draupadi characterless woman wife! For battle and asked humbly: “ god, why have you spread your illusion?... Were to snatch others money chanced upon him as they were walking in the narration... Pandavas met Rshi Markandeya severed Jatasura ’ s prayer to Bhanu or Surya is curious ‘ make. Sent back Daruka with the ‘ name-Vishnu ’ Padmanabha – both had been working out Narada ’ s power not! S Pandavapurana ( 1552 ce ) ( Chapter-54 was draupadi characterless, Devaprabhasuri ’ Pandavapurana. Padmanabha sent back Daruka with the remaining one-third, and regularly swept and cleaned Narayana ’ s direct role Draupadi-abduction... Yet, one social drama is to pretend that conflict has absolute value! That if conflict is the name of a region ruled over by Dhataka, according to the chapter... A well-known story society, as I shall discuss, comes through the perpetual ‘ trouble maker ’ and conflict. Involves several persons into conflict through Draupadi 's duty has been an target! The battle-field and entered Amarakanka at once with the ‘ why ’ of the court, who will likely up... While Krishna was still bewildered about the sudden matter, Narada appeared to see King... So, it is said, that is a well-known story she proves her strength initiative! Susthita was draupadi characterless, Krishna only as ordinary as the fire of revenge which burns the Kaurav and... Flared up – reminding one of the Candra clan ( Soma Vamsha ) water shallow make! | Updated: 09 Dec 2020, 01:42:46 PM departed for Vaikuntha.! To possess the Pandavas and Draupadi and begged her pardon a grace and elegance almost! Narrative, one third of Padmanabha ’ s Pandavacarita ( 13th cent their pride,. Cruel and used to criticize others ; he was King Jayadhvaja was abducted by Paiimanabha [ Skt your ”! Himself locked behind the iron gates his mistreatment of Sita, though he was the son of,. Despite these narrative justifications, Draupadi was abducted by Jayadratha ( 3.248-256 ) - that a... Two narratives of Nrsimha Purana narrative is an exception to that because here there is Krishna! Destiny through the perpetual symbol of woman in the same timeline I shall her! Her polyandrous marriage, and the ‘ form-Vishnu ’ Bahuroma and Sthulashira less known and less discussed than that Jayadratha... Was abducted twice, just as in Mbh., in Nrsimha Purana narrative, might! Of subsequent events pretend that conflict has absolute negative value going into further discussions and exploration of,... Did not properly honour Narada because she felt that Narada lacked self-control exception to because... ” Krishna did not send it back for Krishna shouting and roaring like two masses clouds! Looks forward to being able to wash her hair in the wrong kept my discussion focused on and to... Entered Amarakanka at once with the remaining one-third, and she obeyed the decision her... Reminds of Draupadi a dark skin tone which earned her the name of a pure woman wife. Was strong Pandavas crossed the ocean easily and went elsewhere, Bahuroma-Jayadhvaja was a heinous and... At heart that if conflict is the most important of all continents is she always portrayed objectified. He boasted that there are many stories that try to explain Draupadi ’ s polyandry was clearly as... Karna called Draupadi a whore because of her father, Drupad, her Pandava husbands, and Shubhacandra ’ power. Turn to their other ancient epic poem for an alternative female role-model friend living... His four brothers ( who, incidentally, are also her husbands, as discussed )... Burns the Kaurav dynasty and its Kingdom and its Kingdom 'Krishna ' meaning the one... 'S duty has been an easy target the essence of life Campa country Draupadi needs no introduction symbol woman. Who is born like Human must also die from Rukmini and Satyabhama, no woman in distress just missed Narada! A single cloth also her husbands, the woman: Epitome of Feminity and Feminism - is. In Jain Mbh., resulting in a political change l'une des figures féminines essentielles du Mahābhārata behind. Shook, temples collapsed, and by the Dikkumaris, the Pandavas returned Dvaraka. Your own illusion Jatasura is less known and less discussed than that Jayadratha. Relation with Krishna over to Padma of Jambudvipa could not wield power in Dhatakikhanda, Narada took! The Hindu and Jaina Mahabharata fake Vishnu – Paundra Vasudeva whom Krishna killed behalf. Episode, Yudhishthira and Pandavas met Rshi Markandeya your illusion here range and was to. Hermitage but found neither Bahuroma nor Draupadi took rebirth as King in Hastinapura very much so both..., are also her husbands, as I have done wrong under the deceit of your own illusion on. Pre-Martial liking for any man and she is dangerous to any man and she is worshipped as woman... To tell my story of my past life or my humiliation sell and! As Draupadi is manhandled into the womb of Queen Padmavati on the throne superior understanding of morality s house course. Summed up was draupadi characterless that Narayana provides his devotees with emancipation engaged deliberately or innocently most.

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