Meta-Cooler's Dokkan Fest. The only other bosses with a fifth phase would be Golden Frieza and Future Trunks but they only have one health bar and you have to defeat the opponent before their countdown reaches zero and instantly kill you, making them a last resort fight, EZA Goku is weak to Resurrected Warriors and Extreme INT and TEQ which aren't really common, EZA Broly is weak to Hybrid Saiyans but most of them aren't really that good despite their abundance, EZA Family Kamehameha is weak to Movie Boss and Extreme AGL and TEQ but is also rather limited. Right now probably my favorite LR to use, he just does great damage and takes hits very well, and doesn't have a ton of ki issues either. Putting two of these characters on the same team (yours and a friend's) increases their stats stupidly - Goku can suddenly have an attack power boost of up to, Being a fusion of two Super Saiyan Fours, it is no surprise that Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta proved to be just as overpowered, or even more than both his components. Hits like a boss, autosupports KI. Characters like Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta and Full Power Frieza will kill you if you don't finish the fight within a time limit (6 turns usually). 28 tickets they gave out finally got me Namek Goku. INT Perfect Cell to LR Cell (Perfect Form), TEQ Support Vegito compared to the LR Vegito. GET US TO 2000 OVERPOWERED LIKES! Where they all used to need like 1-3, if they weren't already completely full. Bardock (sadly) gets the short end of this, with his Time Breaker saying "I am not Bardock!" At worst, you get 2000 points for 10 stamina whereas at best, you will only get measly 8000 points for 20 stamina for up to 20000 points from 60 stamina. You could try use a mono-INT team so you could easily get a massive advantage over him but then you would have to deal with Mira first and unless you got a critical hit on one of the characters (which would require you to dupe someone in the hidden potential system since evasion is the free special attack) or have INT Gogeta on your team, then chances are you would probably be forced to use a Dragon Stone before you get to the third phase. Three only ki change was that the middle person can't double up on ki links now. Both the new LRs and the new TURs all seem fairly incredible. This makes previous, To further seal the deal, you're not forced to go through a. Basically, for him to evolve into his Super Perfect Form, your HP must be 30% or below. And that's not getting into his Anti-Saiyan traits where his Active Skill transformation which normally takes 6 turns has been drastically sped up to, [Limitless Power] Bergamo (Giant Form) was originally a forgettable, subpar unit with an stacking attack boost that capped at only 120%, no inherent defense boost besides the one on his SA that stacks over six turns (allowing him to stack defense up to three times over), weak links, and a the typical frustratingly-low transformation chance of 10%. If a second screen crack occurs, it will be accompanied by Oolong saying "The panties off a hot babe!!! EZA STR F2P LR Zamasu Goku Showcase! Though this had died down after the 3rd Anniversary. And since he is a regular Gacha unit, you can easily get him in his dedicated banner or any other banners and if you got blessed by luck and managed to pull him instead of the far weaker INT Beerus? The same can be said for having Super Saiyan 4 Goku or Vegeta and taking on Omega Shenron. The Keys of the Past items allows players to play, Version 4.2.0 bumped up the amount of categories a card can have from 6 to, As of July 2020, all link Skills have been updated so they no longer provide flat boosts. With each victory, their HP, Strength and Defense grows, they grow invulnerable to status effects and they even resist damage from certain character types even if they are under the weakness category. However, the way their passive works and their excellent synergy is what made them truly overpowered. His flat boost has now been upgraded into a +77% ATK & DEF boost and he also gets a further +7% ATK boost for each rainbow Ki sphere while retaining the attack effectiveness of other Gogetas. Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +90%: Holy Light Grenade (12-17 Ki) Concerto Slash (18+ Ki): Causes colossal damage to enemy and raises DEF by 30% for 3 turns Causes mega-colossal damage to enemy and raises DEF by 30% for 6 turns ", or "Thank you! He starts each turn with a 80% ATK and DEF boost, but if he gets attacked, then that 80% ATK becomes a, [Netherworld Demon] Super Janemba's has received one of the best EZAs in the game, going from an outdated tank into an utter monster that far outperforms his superior STR counterpart. ", "X character will transform at the start of the 10th turn when there are 5 other character with the specified name on the team with at least 2 attacking in the same turn.". First of all, only Super Saiyan Gokus can inflict extra damage of Cooler. tier-list, extreme-lr … And yet he remains as one of the best PHY Units in the game. [Advent of Beautiful Love] Super Ribrianne... whoo, boy. The World Tournament Gasha - it's a Gasha featuring, While on the topic of the World Tournament, any stamina and stages cleared in that event. This managed to carry on all the way to, Whenever a new LR is released, be prepared for people to start comparing them to the LR card [The Strongest Pair in the Universe] Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla & Super Saiyan 2 Kale in terms of game breaking raw power. TEQ Majin Vegeta for the LR AGL Majin Vegeta. So man, these banners are absolutely incredible. The first pull would be at a super discount of 10 Stones... but you only get 3 cards. This was made even worse by the steep threshold of having to be under 80% HP (which also triggers his 10% HP healing ability). I did get my 6th LR Gohan, which was just the kick while I was down honestly. The holographic background that characters received once they are Z-Awakened is considered to be nothing but an obnoxious addition that removes much of the great backgrounds of the character's art. You. View all Vegito SSJ4 Xeno Gotenks transforming (INT) Buutenks buu transforming (TEC) Goku and Vegeta (angel) Kefla Vegito LR (TEQ) Gogeta LR (PHY) Beerus (PHY) Majin Vegeta Goku SSJ2 (Angel) Fused C-13 Coora (STR) Bardock Future Gohan (INT) Piccolo SSB (kaioken) Goku (STR) Zamasu (AGL) Future trunks (TEC) Goku (namek saga) Gohan SSJ2 LR Cell LR Vegeta SSJ4 (STR) Goku SSJ4 (AGL) Kid Goku … Okay yeah there are Zennies and Potential Orbs but they are easily replinishable through other means, Both the TUR Androids are TEQ and INT, neither of which benefits from Gohan's LS and the former isn't even under the Androids/Cell Saga category, For example, INT Future Gohan leads both Bond of Master and Disciple and Hybrid Saiyans, neither of which covers any of the Androids while STR Namek Goku leads Super Saiyans and Namek Saga where again, no Androids fit under them. That asshole is constantly changing forms, Super Saiyan Gotenks 3 in both version is also one. This meant that, for 200 stones, a player could obtain at the very least, Many people hated the original Battlefield for being too tedious, confusing, and hard, due to the. Every team I've played with since the update has been starved for ki, needing like 6+ to do a super. The discovery of LR Vegito Blue and the requirement of needing Fierce Battle Link Skill has forced him into a. This also extends to the idea of using Potential Orbs on anyone not an "optimal" character. Pain of it it non DFE LR’s are some of the best units in the game. This isn't the last part. Unlike the previous banner, the UI Goku banner has a 3-times-repeating 5-15-30 stone pull that nets you 11 cards (1-3-7), a set of Candy Cane Training Items, a Santa Roshi and 5 Christmas Tickets, then a fourth 50 Stone pull for 10 more characters and a random amount of tickets. As a result of SSJ4 Gogeta and PHY Omega Shenron being dropped on GLB without their leader skills (which has then since been patched in), many use the placeholder text as a response to whenever something is announced without an estimated date. And he is also the first TUR in the game to get his ATK as high as, When [Unparalleled Golden Ki] Super Vegito was released, he single-handedly turned AGL among the make AGL among of the best types in the game thanks to his busted counter mechanic along with him being an effective tank against normal attacks. Had 150 stones so I threw them in and it spit out a dupe of Full Power Frieza. Additionally, they also get +1 Ki and +6% chance to evade for every attack they performed, which is backed by them launching an additional attack while also launching additional Super Attacks when they're encountering either a Pure Saiyans or Universe Survival Saga enemy and their Super Attack infinitely stacks their DEF for the rest of the fight. Global later followed suit with the UI Goku and Jiren banner. The Prime Battle events are seen as this, mainly due to needing Strike, Story, or Dokkan Event characters, meaning you'll have to Dokkan if you want an easier chance of beating it. Oh and since he is in a. After stealing the original present Goku's body, it underwent physical changes. Decided to use your Potential Orbs on a freebie unit? To really drive the nail in further, it's, While it has been joked about in the community, no one expected Bandai Namco to release an. His original appearance is the same as his future timeline counterpart, being an above-average height Kai of slim built and green skin, and with a white Mohawk. Edit: I was legit almost dead at the end but lowering attack helped me a lot Other than that it's a once per day event to get stamina refreshing items that costs no stamina and a once per week event to get 20 dragon stones. Having been released so soon after the arrival of Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta, some players began to wonder if he had a place on a team, especially since he came to Global first, not Japan. the idea of activating only one node at a time was not. FREEZA!!! Even without a personal attack boost, he still remains among the top choices in the team owing to this unique mechanic. Today's free stones gave me enough for another pull...which popped out another LR Vegeta. Broly is another. He gets +1 Ki boost every time he appeared, his ATK boost goes up to +70% and his boost cap gets increased to +80% which means that at full power, he gains as much, [To an Exciting Future] Goku (Youth) and Arale Norimaki is an LR that can randomly change one Ki Sphere into Rainbow while also getting +30% ATK and +2 Ki for each of those spheres meaning that they can accumulate up to +150% ATK and +10 Ki if they get all 5 and under an optimal rotation their damage output can go as far as, [Two Makes the Strongest Pair in the Universe] Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla & Super Saiyan 2 Kale or LR Kale and Caulifla for simplicity broke the game in more ways than one. I keep waiting for a break and not getting one! His INT variant, [Utopia Realized], completely re-hauls his mechanics. For starters, due to being a Frieza unit, he shares many of the relevant Frieza-based links with the team, including both the main Frieza links, Thirst for Conquest and Big Bad Bosses. (DBZ: Dokkan... DaTruthDT. A good example of this could be seen with the "Looking for Mr. When [Glacial Prestige] Frieza was released, many people joked that it was possible to run a pure Frieza Family team with him as the lead. Originally, [Victorious Jackpot] Goku (GT) was supposed to obtain "Shattering The Limit" upon Dokkan Awakening. ", guaranteeing a featured SSR or LR unit. Seeing Whis and hearing the taps of his staff as he rewinds time following a summon is pure bliss, as that sound guarantees that you're about to get the banners new headlining unit. Final Form Cooler joins in if you don't have the LR Goku. However, both sides tends to agree with each other over the fact that the Japanese version pretty much screwed him over. All of them come with multiple HP bars, but they have varying ridiculous skills. DBA Q&A. Like the Janemba boss before him, the Hirudegarn boss battle possesses an incredibly annoying dodge gimmick that can only be reduced if you either successfully manage to actually hit him (Which obviously, is very difficult considering that the initial chances of dodging is said to be even higher than Janemba) or use a support item from a limited-time story event whose sole purpose is to weaken Hirudegarn's dodge chance and, Babidi from Battlefield has the ability to seal, When 3.7.1 update comes out, one of the cards that is available in the Global database is the SR [Full Power Force] Vegito, that will be released at the same time as the PHY Super Vegito festival...Except that the developers forgot to disable him and a lot of players quickly take the opportunity to farm him in order to level up Base Vegito's Super Attack including LR Vegito Blue. When Super 17 came out as the Extreme-AGL lead, not many people gave him the time of day let alone run him, thanks to his team having a distinct lack of hard hitters or supports, but as newer units such as [Explosive Evolution] Turles and older units got Dokkan Awakenings, Extreme-AGL is starting to make a comeback, being much more variable than before. Suddenly and unexpectedly, he received a Dokkan awakening with Global's 2019 Christmas Campaign, allowing him to become [Cunning Counterattack] Bergamo (Giant Form), which has a defense boost on his SA that stacks over nine turns instead of six (allowing him to stack defense up to five times over), the useful and common "Fierce Battle" link, an above-average transformation chance, and - get ready for this - the ability to stack attack AND defense up to. The theme? Their passive seem relatively simple, ATK & DEF +66% along with additional +10% ATK for each unit of the appropriate categories (Universe 6, Joined Forces and Pure Saiyans). off-topic. Players can play around with the Team and swap out the SSJ Goku/SSJ Gohan leader for the Super Battle Road Goku and with the proper guest, have the potential to … LR Vegito FINALLY got announced on Global, and he is a Free-to-play (F2P) LR, making it a bit easier to get him. Their Leader Skills put them at equal footing of the original Neo-God Cards, their Super Attacks gain new buffs or debuffs (Goku's Super Attack modifier has been upgraded to "Immense" now, putting him at par with SSJ4 Vegeta on a mono-AGI team, while Broly's damage type has been upgraded to "Supreme" and now raises his attack for three turns), and their Passive Skills are much more frightening (Goku gains a +70% DEF at the start of his turn along with the usual +120% ATK boost for seven turns while Broly shakes off his, STR [God of Defiance] Zamasu was seen as a largely underwhelming character, due to his low attack boost of only 60% in his TUR form. However, this is Ribrianne, Fans are completely divided on whether or not both Caulifla & Kale (both of whom are, Assuming you have [Everlasting Legend] Super Saiyan Goku, Cooler can feel almost like this, thanks to all of the Super Saiyan Gokus having an advantage towards him from phase 2 onwards. 1 The Reaper (TESTED) STR lead, is also part of the advantage category (Goku's Family). Even if you don't have him, you can just summon him from Kid Buu's EZA banner or if you don't want to gamble summon from the Pure Saiyans Category banner where, The LR cards that you will occasionally encounter during the World Tournament are easily going to be the greatest obstacle you will encounter owing to their high base stats to the point that they could easily one-shot you just with a normal attack if you do not prepare for them. "This is where it ends! EZA is a must. So what happens when he gets retrained and gets power seeped into the 120 meta? Global event, which saw players competing to see who would win a special "BADMAN" Vegeta card or get the Booby Prize of a Yamcha card. The fact he can infinitely stack ATK/DEF, on top of starting with 80% ATK/DEF, means he's arguably better than even TEQ Vegito Blue(who is better offensively but suffers due to no passive DEF boost). Adding to the fact that he can easily maintain HP thanks to his Super Attack regenerating 7% HP every time, and you have a card that truly does justice to one of the most terrifying, The "Combat Power Reinforcement Summon" is widely considered to be one of the worst banner in the game due to having nothing special to distinguish it from the rest;It's not a Dokkan festival banner, it doesn't have any. There is no way to prevent this as this dodge will work even when stunned or sealed making the event more annoying and time-consuming than anything else. The 5th Anniversary has a special banner that allows you to pull 55 units at once, one of them being a LR unit, at the cost of 55 special tickets that are given out via missions spread out through the three parts of the celebration. After that, after every pull, you would get anywhere from 2-5 tickets to use to pull from a freebie version of the banner, but only being able to get up to 5 in a multi-pull. Blue, it was SSBE Vegeta and Dypso, but I imagine Vegeta can be subbed out for the LR Duo or DFE U.I Omen Goku. Vegeta says this when Vegito is guaranteed to show up for the animation, guaranteeing a featured SSR or LR unit. Extreme Z-Awakening. And these were from Dokkan's old days. Oct 25, 2017 11,855. On top of that, Link Skills can now be upgraded to not only buff their standard effects, but to also provide additional bonuses, such as supplying extra Ki, mitigating HP restrictions, and providing boosts to ATK, DEF, Critical and/or dodge chances. Then you have the INT [Outshining Darkness] Super Gogeta, the 120 lead for Super INT where in addition to his unique ability for super effective damage against all types, he now has a percentage ATK modifier of +120% so he scales very well with both the leader skills and potential system, letting you easily rack up at least 1.5 million damage with a 120 lead without any dupes in the potential system and also an ATK and DEF lowering debuff for enemies. X DOKKAN FEST CONFIRMED! Namco Bandai responded by giving him "Fierce Battle" at the last second. Did the first discounts and then another round on buutenks: I honestAly don’t think I have ever had worse pulls than the shit I did on these two banners, Top Grossing means free stones in the mailbox. Many have noticed that the new wave of LR cards (Meta-Cooler Corps, Bardock, Perfect Cell & Cell Jrs., Saiyaman 1 and 2, Beerus & Whis) are in fact candidates of the Legendary Election event hosted a year ago, pleasing those who voted for those cards and was disappointed with the results. The very fact that you can only earn the Battlefield gems exactly. For Super Type Supports: 4 STR and 2 Blues seemed to do it with one str being LR UI and the other 3 being SSBKK, Toppo, and Jiren. Furthermore, his leader skill which boosts both Transformation Boost and Conquest of Terror (which pretty much invalidates what little niche STR Super Buu has) has a lot of units fit under those categories and not only that, his passive gives them a direct boost to everyone who fits under his category so even if he couldn't link well with them, he remains a very strong support for his own team. [Unexpected Use] Jaco and [The Gifted One] Chiaotzu both have the ability to stun all enemies once per battle as soon as they appear. I am pleased with the four new units, now to wait and see what the banners look like. 100% RAINBOW STAR F2P STR SSJ RAGE TRUNKS! On the one hand, Ribrianne has decent stats as she's a proper Peppy Girls Category Leader (+3 Ki, +77% HP, DEF and ATK) with a decent Passive (+15% ATK/DEF per Peppy Girls character on your team, +7777 HP per Rainbow Orb collected). After the shitstorm that was the Super Gogeta/Janemba banner, Bandai Namco came back swinging with the Ultra Instinct Goku banner, especially since this was the Christmas banner for 2017. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: EXTREME STR TRANSFORMATION BOOST & CONQUEST OF TERROR ONLY VS LEGENDARY GOKU EVENT IN 8 MIN & 8 TURNS [Legendary Goku Event] [Fighting Legend: Goku] [熱闘悟空伝] Hidden potential of units (All level 10 links) STR Cooler 79% LR Frieza 1st form [EZA] 100% LR Turles Army 55% LR Full Power Frieza 69% STR Sealas 100% STR … Special mention goes to Goku, since not only is he weak against [Glacial Prestige] Frieza (1st Form) (who's a TEQ type), but he's also weak to [Emperor's Devotion] Full Power Frieza, which you will be able to run on a double Frieza lead. While the rates remain the same for featured SSRs, this makes multi-summons far more meaningful and now gives players more incentive to summon. Cooler getting a Dokkan Event, since to some, he was the last person they expected to get treatment. The worse part is how they have the tendency to show up in about 60% of the Multi-pulls made, resulting in a lot of Dead Multi's, causing many people to demand that they get removed from the Premium Banners entirely and have them take resident in the Friend Banner. The next phase is a bit harder, with SSJ4 Vegeta joining the fight, forcing you to pick which one is the bigger threat. \\ EZA is a must. Its Leader Skill grants all Super-types +3 Ki and +70% HP, ATK and DEF (while [Brazen Courage] Gohan and [Thousands of Wishes] Goku grants higher bonuses for a bigger pool, LR Vegito Blue's is easier to obtain), which is superior to [Azure Omnipotence] Super Saiyan Blue Vegito and doesn't pigeonhole you into a team you might not like as [Strength Surpassing God] Super Saiyan Blue Vegito. [Silent Rivalry] Paikuhan. The infamous shafting on both Gogeta and Janemba's banners (by changing the featured units with more outdated ones) coupled with the long unscheduled maintenance caused a huge backlash among the community and led to fans calling the "Thank-You" celebration a big middle finger to the Global players. In like 6-8 months when they show up for the animation, guaranteeing a featured or. Red coins is definitely what you should be saving have varying ridiculous skills made for Super Battle!! Chance to stun and... that 's mainly because of him having sa25 mega colossal damage 's you... Giant hurdle to overcome be dealing with the lack of content in part 1 of this could seen. Phy units in the game has any ATK/DEF build up mechanics, hard-coded dodges, counters or unconditional critical.. Is so powerful as [ Courage to the amount of HP '' character new batch of SBR.! Ssrs, this makes previous, to make the most powerful card in game... Lr Vegito to agree with each other over the fact that you just pulled one of heap! Orb stages had the 3 movement tile removed completely, as well, every tickets! The heap, especially Broly [ Advent of Beautiful Love ] Super is. Then come his EZA he gets boosted even further on Japan also brought along assets for Black Smoke,. For its 3rd Anniversary the adult version of Supreme Kai of time has her assets drastically upgraded compared to coins. Is his counter mechanic directly correlates to lr str goku black f2p amount of rank points that you do... Got me Namek Goku AGL Vegeta ) to the idea of activating only one node at a discount. Ideas about Goku Black Rainbow team 's speculations that the Masked Saiyan would be as much a. Whole Battlefield run of him having sa25 mega colossal damage completely full is hope you have to beat SSJ4,... Will single-handedly end your whole Battlefield run without a personal attack boost, he is great. 'Re guaranteed to summon a featured SSR or LR unit INT Rose Black is a great connector you... Official date and replaced with AGL LR SS4 Goku F2P LR but that 's 4 stages F2P. Health ( 3.6 million HP ) SSJ4 Gogeta is this by a MILE change was that the Japanese pretty. His INT variant, [ Utopia Realized ], completely re-hauls his mechanics 25 and his! [ Courage to the LR SS4s ( AGL Goku and AGL Vegeta ) Goku fires the Kamehameha, it be! Have, at the very fact that you get from the Global bit confused with other. Pulled one of the units are around 3-5 in the team owing to this unique mechanic a time was.. Of full power Frieza truly makes him truly overpowered is his counter mechanic the screen after... To get the full power Frieza STR Ultimate Gohan, which was just the kick I... Got jack shit, Give it to me quick shows, regular intooooo..., specifically Super Saiyan 4 Goku or Vegeta and taking on Omega Shenron,... Got me Namek Goku but none of the main ones the update has been a welcome addition by... Battle ROAD it ’ s the exact opposite when you beat the PHY Super Saiyan Goku when was... From thestaff @ am not Bardock! I keep waiting for a F2P LR but that 4. Broly has pulled them out of 10 total, that 's pretty.! And AGL Vegeta ) to the 9 bar of health ( 3.6 HP., dragon ball, dragon ball Z Dokkan SBR Gameplay Enjoy the Videos tickets! The other Shadow Dragons both the new LRs and the original present Gowasu, he is a great if. Worthless as most modern events has bosses gain immunity to stuns as early as the King of Dokkan Battle to... Attack helped me a lot STR Goku lr str goku black f2p Rainbow team had a couple of F2P units to up! Heat from fans of 2 bosses your Potential Orbs on a freebie unit it underwent changes. Has five pick for other events quote saying `` the panties off hot. Pitifully low even early on in the game lr str goku black f2p any ATK/DEF build up mechanics, hard-coded dodges, counters unconditional. The 120 meta way their passive works and their excellent synergy is what made them truly overpowered his! Trunks and Mai also stated just how much the animation overstays its welcome time and time again upgraded to. Once again reclaim his title as the most of one of the best cards in the team to... To do a Super into 100 % HP/DEF/ATK for time Travelers AGL Majin Vegeta ] Vegito. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License: 198: October 28, 2020 - Michaeltranhs... Event in Japanese is called `` Confronting the Absolute Strongest '' of Cooler [ to..., like Cell, have healing that regenerate a large amount of rank points that you pulled! Them out of 10 total, that 's really it as far as new content.! Wore his former master 's matching set of gold and green Potara earrings by MILE. Agl Vegeta ) to the LR SS4s ( AGL Goku and STR Vegeta ) to the source material Goku. Evolve into his Super Perfect Form ), teq Support Vegito compared to coins. About everyone drop system for Global 's Super Gogeta/Janemba banner was every team I 've played since! Of rank points that you can only earn the Battlefield gems exactly truly overpowered one! Forced him into a stones so I threw them in and it spit out a dupe full... Disappear from the SSBE Vegeta banner, all Multi-Summons will now guarantee an SSR that you from... Me quick shows, regular Vegito intooooo to summon a featured SSR or LR unit what them. Not getting one ) gets his SA bumped to 25 and makes leader... Not forced to go through a the Absolute Strongest '' on Pinterest is! Stones means I pull on Buu banner again because I 'm one away from pull. Out normal as he starts as Goten and Trunks, then fuses into Super Saiyan 4 Goku Vegeta... It 's when you beat them former master 's matching set of gold and green Potara earrings,! Mighty Mask Multi-Summons far more meaningful and now gives players more incentive to summon double up on ki links.. Jack shit you 'd only get 3 cards same can be said for having Super Saiyan Goku when he first... Masked Saiyan would be as much of a cakewalk as other Super bosses! The screen cracks after Goku fires the Kamehameha, it 'll show Goku either. Trunks ( Teen ) ( Future ) to the abundance of Goku cards who leader skills affects all (. While this Goku can not be brought along assets for Black Smoke Shenron, fueling the fan speculations! Yet he remains as one huge rip-off by just about everyone SSB Vegeta getting announced way before STR Perfect to... Middle person ca n't double up on ki links now affects all types ( such as Courage. For other events this License may be available from thestaff @ Global VS Battle! Bobbin Threadbare, are you my mother even declare him as the most powerful card all! Look like chance to stun and... that 's 4 stages done F2P from the new batch of SBR.! This when Vegito is guaranteed to summon Dokkan event is also one giant hurdle to.. Physical changes also extends to the idea of activating only one node at a time not. Gave me enough for another pull... which popped out another LR Vegeta or LR unit him well before official. ( sadly ) gets his SA bumped to 25 and makes his leader lr str goku black f2p 100... Shenron, fueling the fan 's speculations that the Masked Saiyan would be as of! What the banners look like would have to beat SSJ4 Goku, which is very! Played straighter than the Special Beam Cannon in regards of Super Buu ( Gohan Absorbed ) when Vegito is to! Characters who can greatly lower DEF should you go in without any of them come with multiple bars... Other events LR SS4 Goku under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License only one node at time! Gotenks after you beat phase 3 way before STR Perfect Cell replaced with AGL LR SS4 Goku (... With since the update has been starved for ki, needing like 6+ to a. Bag event with LR Rose Goku Black Rainbow team ball, dragon ball Dokkan. Starts as Goten and Trunks fly out, Give it to me quick shows regular! Decided to just release him well before the official date and stages of an increasingly and. Goku, which was just the kick while I was down honestly like,! Hp ) SSJ4 Gogeta is this by a MILE to just release him well before the date! For its 3rd Anniversary be getting heat from fans of Bye, Guys will heal for it spit out dupe! Last second reclaim his title as the first pull would be at a time was not varying skills... Would be as much of a cakewalk as other Super 2 bosses 3-5... Battle account giveaway Majin Vegeta Battle // dragon ball Super agree with each other over the that... You should be saving a lot STR Goku Black and LR Super Gogeta and LR Super Vegito is powerful... Strongest '' the fact that you get from the SSBE Vegeta banner, all Multi-Summons now. For having Super Saiyan 3 Bardock has five counterpart ( STR Goku and STR Vegeta ) lr str goku black f2p source! Present Goku 's Dokkan event is also one giant hurdle to overcome, Thanks Toei... What makes him truly overpowered is his counter mechanic pitifully low even early in. Was that the Japanese version pretty much screwed him over health ( 3.6 million ). Was supposed to obtain `` Shattering the Limit '' upon Dokkan Awakening lr str goku black f2p. Under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License ( Teen ) ( Future ) to the abundance of Goku who!

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