ŠKOLIČKA DOLNOBŘEŽANSKÝ ČTYŘLÍSTEK  – preschool educational program (SEP)


Yearly plan of the “Why?” SEP activities

  • This curriculum is based on the principle of love and understanding.
  •  It consists of the promotion of basic human values: decency, willingness to help and love


Concept of the “Why?” program

  • This program helps children discover, experience and try out everything they see and find (nature, animals, flowers, human society, etc.)
  • They try, discover and experience everything they may affect and change and what we affect.
  • They experience what brings joy to them and others.
  • Each of the integrated blocks is based on a season of the year, traditions and customs. The activities have been selected to develop children in all mental and aesthetic aspects, while being based on educational areas. All these topics are mutually interconnected and are reflected in five educational areas and fulfil aims of individual educational areas.


Main topics and subtopics of integrated blocks

1. Development of the child’s personality and their ability to learn 

2. Learning of basic values on which our society is based

3. Acquiring personal independence and ability to express themselves as an individual who impacts his/her surroundings


Program of yearly activities of the educational program – class program  “With Čtyřlístek in a garden from Spring to December”
  • September:        We are all friends, both in the garden and in the kindergarten
  • October:              The garden is getting ready for sleep
  • November:         Why don’t animals want to be outside any more?
  • December:         Christmas is coming
  • January:             Winter has come
  • February:           Winter traditions and festivities
  • March:                 Nature is waking up
  • April:                    Spring celebrations and rituals 
  • May:                      May, the time of love
  • June:                    From grain to bread – celebrating the harvest
  • July:                    Summer and summer traditions
  • August:              Čtyřlístek goes camping


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