Nursery and preschool

Our approach to learning and teaching is through both games and education. We have a fully equipped school with a beautiful garden surrounded by nature


We have a wide range of activities prepared for the children, including art and crafts, imaginative games and physical activities. Our team makes full use of all of these to create an exciting programme for the children in our care.


We are available for your children NON-STOP – just let us know in advance and we can arrange childminding outside regular school hours, including at night and weekends.


    • The quiet and safe family atmosphere of a renovated villa with a garden and a nearby forest
    • A Czech-English nursery and preschool incorporating elements of both Montessori and classic teaching to educate your child from six months to six years of age
    • A rich and varied programme focusing on child development according to age, led by qualified staff
    • An individual approach to every child, with a maximum of six children to every educator
    • Our team includes a native English-speaking teacher who only communicates with the children in English and takes part in the children’s everyday activities, allowing them to become familiar with the language spontaneously and naturally, through play
    • A beautiful environment surrounded by nature, with good accessibility
    • Childminding also outside regular school hours, even at night and weekends
    • We are available for your children NON-STOP – just let us know in advance
  • Regular photographic documentation of the children’s games and activities as a souvenir for parents of their children’s childhood and progress (with parental consent)

Our priorities are the education and satisfaction of your children, and their welfare!