ŠKOLIČKA DOLNOBŘEŽANSKÝ ČTYŘLÍSTEK is a bilingual Czech-English nursery and preschool where we focus on the current needs and interests of your child.

We apply elements of the following methods in our nursery and preschool:

  • Montessori – we develop your child’s self-reliance and self-care, and their ability to build social relationships; we help them cultivate their senses and understand the basics of language, mathematics, natural sciences, geography and history
  • Waldorf School – we emphasise the all-round development of children in both practical and artistic terms; children learn the values of truth (science), beauty (art) and goodness (spiritual values) as the basis for their further education
  • Outdoor activities  your children will spend considerable time in nature, and we pay attention to developing their imagination; children learn to feel comfortable in any weather, get to know and love nature and animals, and relate to the living world around them

We work with the following programmes:

  • Beginning Together – your children and the teachers agree together on the rules to be followed by everyone. (for instance: No one will hurt anyone)
    • The classroom is divided into so-called activity centres (“little workshops”) where children engage in various activities (like reading, do-it-yourself, geography, a cooking corner, etc.).
    • We emphasise multicultural education and tolerance of mutual differences.
    • The day begins with talking in a circle, sitting on a carpet, where the children tell each other about their new feelings and experiences. (bullying prevention, group bonding).
  • Respect and Be Respected – We work to involve children in resolving various situations resulting from their behaviour. We encourage them to cooperate and find a solution to the situation in question. The children are free to choose and express themselves freely within the bounds of certain rules. We support the children’s efforts when they are good at something and motivate them to engage in further activities. (building healthy self-belief and self-confidence).

Our teachers are your children’s patient guides, and encourage them to rely on themselves and to respect both themselves and their environment. They will treat them with love, and give them freedom and choice, yet at the same time establish boundaries for safe exploration, understanding and the enjoyment of games.

6 - 36
Months Old
Class Size



36 - 72
Months Old
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